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Bulk Tipping Trailers for Sale in Australia by Austrailers QLD

There is a wide range of tipping trailers for sale in Australia by Austrailers QLD, based in Brisbane. They have been making quality trailers since 1995, and their experienced team can help you find the right trailer for your needs.We hold stock at our warehouse in Brisbane, so if you’re looking for a bulk tipping trailer today, call us, and we’ll get one dispatched to you ASAP!

Tipping trailers for sale in a range of shapes and sizes

As the name suggests, tipping trailers transport various goods from one location to another. They’re often large and heavy-duty, allowing them to carry heavier loads than smaller trailers.

Tipping trailers can be custom-built for your specific needs so that you can choose the shape and size best suits your business’s needs. They come in various materials, including steel, aluminium and plastic. Consider a recycled plastic model if you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly option (and not worried about price).

If you’re looking for something more colourful or eye-catching than standard grey steel or brown aluminium options, then there’s no shortage of choices here!Tipping trailers come in various sizes, ranging from 1.5 to 4 metres long and weighing between 500kg and 2 tonnes. Anyone who needs to transport materials such as sand or gravel can use them. Still, they’re also popular with waste management companies due to their ability to carry large volumes of rubbish.

Different styles of tipping trailers

Tipping trailers find use in moving and tipping materials. They are a critical component of many industries, including waste management, construction and agriculture. Tipping trailers can be purchased in different styles depending on your project needs.

  • Standard Tipping Trailer – This type of tipping trailer is the most common style of tipping trailer on the market today. It has two axles with a single rear wheel on each axle, plus front wheels that turn 360 degrees so you can tip material from either side of the vehicle or from behind it by driving forward into your load.
  • Low Loader Tipping Trailer – This style of tipping trailer has an intricate design for use with heavy loads. It features an extra high axle for excellent stability when travelling at speed and over rough terrain. The low loader also has a larger wheelbase than other trailers, so it can carry heavier loads without toppling during operation or transport. It makes them ideal for transporting large volumes of dirt or other materials long distances without sacrificing stability and maneuverability!
  • Side Tipper Tipping Trailers – These trailers feature wheels placed at both sides—rather than just one side—so they can be easily tipped when needed! It provides greater flexibility in terms of where exactly they need to go while still operating efficiently no matter where they land each time their contents move around.”

The ATM load capacity of your trailer

The Australian Tipping Mass (ATM) is the maximum load a trailer can carry. You should know the ATM load capacity of your trailer before you make any large purchases, as it will affect how much you can tip at once.Your trailer’s ATM load capacity depends on the trailer’s size and weight. The amount written on the side of your trailer is its gross mass, which is usually less than its actual carrying capacity (though this varies from model to model).

If you want to find out how much each particular model tips, check out our Tipping Trailers Guide for more details about different models’ capacities. If you need to load your trailer with a lot of weight at once, you can do it in smaller loads or use a tipper truck.

A tipper truck has a unique design to make tipping easier by lifting the load when needed. If you’re going to be loading and unloading heavy items regularly, it’s worth looking into getting one of these vehicles so that you don’t have to tip every time.

Galvanised tipping trailers for sale

Galvanised trailers are corrosion resistant, more robust and more durable than their stainless steel counterparts. They’re cheaper too! Some people prefer stainless steel because of its aesthetics, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting product that won’t break the bank, then galvanised is the way to go.

Galvanised trailers are also more affordable than stainless steel, making them an excellent option for anyone on a budget. They’re cheaper to buy and maintain, so you won’t have to worry about spending too much money on your new trailer.

The galvanised trailer market is also growing, so you’ll have more options. These trailers are perfect for anyone who wants a durable product that won’t break the bank.

Why choose Austrailers QLD

You are looking to buy a new tipping trailer from an Australian-owned and operated business. At Austrailers QLD, we have been in business for over 20 years and have a large customer base. We know that you will be able to find the right trailer for your requirements because our range is comprehensive and diverse.

Are you looking for good value and quality? Look no further than Austrailers QLD. Whether it’s a high cube, flat top or multi-use bulk tipping trailer, we can provide what you need at competitive prices with fast delivery times so that the job gets done when required.

We have an extensive range of new tipping trailers for sale in Australia

Our range is extensive, with a wide variety of new tipping trailers for sale in Australia. If you’re looking for something specific, chat with one of our friendly team members today!

We are a leading supplier of tipping trailers for sale in Australia. Finding the right trailer for your needs can be challenging, but we have a wide selection of new and used trailers available.

We have new and used tipping trailers in Australia, including;

  • Tradesman trailers
  • Steel and aluminium car trailers
  • Flatbeds trailers


We hope you’ve found this blog post helpful and informative. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right tipping trailer for your needs, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information on any of our products.

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