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Significant Features of Camper Trailers Brisbane

If you are looking to buy a camper trailer Brisbane, Austrailers Queensland makes the best camper trailers that they sell at very affordable prices. In this article, we will look at some of the features of these trailers and why it makes sense to buy one for yourself if you want to hit the open road with your family or friends!

Light and strong

It’s no secret that camper trailers aren’t just for the beach. Campers are multi-use vehicles that are towable with almost any vehicle, including ATVs, motorcycles and even bicycles! They are lightweight enough to be towed by most cars or trucks, so you can take them anywhere you want.

Their robust construction means they won’t break or bend under pressure. Most campers also come equipped with a sturdy bumper that protects your car from damage in the event of an accident while towing it.

Flat pack

Flat-pack camper trailers are easy to assemble. They can be put together in a matter of hours, and the parts come pre-assembled for you. It means you don’t have to spend hours figuring out how everything goes together or where all the screws go. Once we put it together, it’s ready for use!

Flat-pack camper trailers are also easy to transport because they’re smaller and lighter than traditional campers. It makes them ideal for those who enjoy camping but aren’t sure they want or need a full-fledged trailer (or RV).Flat-pack camper trailers are compact enough to be stored almost anywhere—even in your backyard if you want!

Unlike traditional campers, which require some modification before hitting the road, flat pack campers can go right from storage into their trailer mode without any work needed beforehand on either side of them (except perhaps hooking up electricity).

Fully welded

Welding is a process where two pieces of metal are heated and pressed together. The heat forces the molecules in each article to join together, creating a stronger bond than with other methods like screws or rivets.

Off-road suspension

Off-road suspension is a common feature of camper trailers, and it’s one we’re sure you’ll appreciate. The off-road suspension provides 4 inches of travel to the front and rear springs for greater control on uneven surfaces. The front and rear springs have adjustable spring shackles that allow you to set the ride height to suit your needs.

In contrast, adjustable shock absorbers offer independent control over compression and rebound settings. Hydraulic dampers support by reducing body roll during cornering or weight transfer when braking or accelerating. It improves performance while driving on rough terrain or in inclement weather conditions, making camping trips more enjoyable overall!

Heavy duty jockey wheel

The jockey wheel is an essential component of any camper trailer. It’s robust, durable and reliable. This heavy-duty jockey wheel has been constructed from stainless steel, making it a durable product that’s easy to use. The design of this heavy-duty jockey wheel allows you to tow your camper trailer easily while also providing extra stability while driving.

This heavy-duty jockey wheel has a unique design to be used with any trailer that weighs up to 2,000 pounds. It has a stainless steel construction, which is durable and long-lasting. The design of this jockey wheel allows it to provide extra stability while driving and makes it easy for you to tow your camper trailer around.

Water tank plumbed in

Plumbing a water tank can be tricky, but it’s worth the effort. The first step is removing the old plumbing and cleaning out any accumulated tank debris. After this, please measure the length of hose you will need for your connection and cut it to size with tin snips or another cutting tool. With all your new parts assembled, attach the hose to both ends of your new faucet and screw on the aerator or faucet adapter (if applicable). You will also want to ensure no leaks before turning on your fresh water supply!

9″ electric brakes

One of Brisbane’s most impressive features of camper trailers is their electric brakes. These are great safety features that can be easily installed and maintained, making them reliable and durable. You’ll find emergency brakes on every vehicle out there, so why not have one in your camper trailer?

The 9″ electric brake will keep you safe while driving on steep inclines and hills, which are common in our area. This feature is essential if you have children or pets riding along with you!

Some great features of Camper Trailers Brisbane are light and robust, flat pack and off-road suspension

  • Flat pack: The camper trailer comes in a box with all the parts ready to assemble, so you can spend less time building it and more time enjoying its features.
  • Off-road suspension: This feature gives you excellent stability when travelling around off-road tracks or areas where there may be some soft ground surfaces such as sand or mud etc.


We have looked at some of the best features of Camper Trailers Brisbane. They are all light and robust, with a flat pack and off-road suspension. You should consider these great features if you want to buy a camper trailer in Brisbane. Austrailers Queensland is one of the best trailer suppliers in Australia.

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