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Do you want to know the different types of semi-trailers for sale in QLD? Not all trailers are ideal for every job. Whether you are moving furniture, food and drink, sports equipment or more, investing in the right trailer can save you a lot of time and frustration.

For example, buying a semi-trailer that is too large for your current load will not use the space efficiently and will cost you petrol in the long run. However, you do not want a semi-trailer that is not large enough for work – that means more frequent trips and later shipments.

With that in mind, please read our complete guide to the different types of semi-trailers available today in the market!

Flatbed Trailers

Perfectly built, durable flatbed trailers are some of the most common semi-trailers you will find on the road due to their versatility. They can hold a maximum of 21,000 kg and grow up to 16 meters long and 2.5 meters wide.

They always wear flat steel and spiral steel, but due to their size and versatility, semi-trailers transport different things that do not need to be inserted and protected from the weather or climate. They also have a fast loading and unloading process because they are fully accessible from above and on all sides.

However, securing consignments should be a priority, as there is no protection in the cover that holds the moving items. Driving can also be more difficult because these trailers often carry extremely heavy loads.

Enclosed Trailers

Dry vans, or closed semi-trailers, are probably the second most popular semi-trailer on the roads. The major benefit of having an enclosed trailer is that it helps protect consumer goods and other weather- and climate-sensitive loads. However, it is not regulated by the indoor climate and is not intended for shipments that require specific temperatures.

The great thing about the enclosed trailer is that they are easier to secure than flatbeds – if something moves during transport, there is at least the protection provided by enclosed walls. Loading and unloading loads take more time than flatbed trailers, as there is less maneuverable room. Holds a maximum of 20,000 kg. Like flatbed trailers, their maximum length is 16 feet long, but they are narrow.

Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated semi-trailers are also called refrigerated trucks. These trailers are fully tempered and ideal for transporting any food or beverage that requires climate-controlled transport to maintain their quality. The maximum weight and dimensions are the same as for the recorded trailers.

It is also good for electronics damaged by heat or medical devices such as blood or plasma. Because they come with refrigerators, they require more frequent maintenance than any other trailer. Refrigerated trailers also need to be cleaned regularly, especially if they carry food or medical supplies.

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